Typo Tunnels is an innovative Algorithmic Type project that pushes the boundaries of graphic design by leveraging code to create an interactive, immersive experience. Typo Tunnels was developed using A-Frame Script within the Glitch platform. Users find themselves in a captivating world of interconnected tunnels. 
Users can explore the tunnels using the arrow keys, offering an element of gameplay as they navigate this intriguing digital landscape. One of the key features of Typo Tunnels is its interactive nature. Users have the freedom to rotate their view and look around the tunnels by simply clicking and dragging the mouse. This interactivity adds a layer of engagement, making the project not only visually stimulating but also highly immersive. 
Glitch, A-Frame, and Procreate.

Project Highlights:
Interactive Creative Code Show.

Josh Miller
Idea Sketch
Resources & Tutorials
Carmen Gisondi

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